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Tears of joy, tears of pain, we are reflected in the salt-water pools we create. So let us build a fleet of paper boats and sail them on our ocean of indecision, laughing at the wind-whipped white-crested waves that would wash over us, drowning us in our own despair, yet somehow never vanquishing us in the end.

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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Frustration at the delays

I have another on-line diary somewhere in cyberspace in which I write chatty, conversational entries pertaining to my life, including my family, my work and my friends. I like it over there. It didn’t take long to develop a sense of community with other bloggers of like interests and temperaments. I now feel as though I have a circle of friends with whom I exchange ideas at times and whose lives are laid bare for me to see the most intimate details thereof. Of course, I hide nothing from them either, except that the names are changed to protect the innocent. The chances of meeting any of these bloggers in person (except for the couple whom I knew before I started blogging there) is pretty slim. There are some I would love to meet, who seem to have interests similar to and lifestyles compatible with mine.

So what’s the problem? The site has overloaded servers and it makes adding a new entry a hit-and-miss affair. One can upgrade one’s account by paying money to the site, and these “gold members” are able to update more easily than the rest of us cheapskates, although they are experiencing different problems. In my case, I click on the add-entry button and get an error page, over and over again. It is very frustrating. At the same time, the ability to change templates is compromised as well. The same error page comes up. Sadly, I hit the add-entry button by error earlier today and a white box appeared immediately, which I banished. Now I want that white box, and it is as elusive as the proverbial butterfly of love.


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